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powerpoint presentations are the standard for business communications, both internal and external. tens of thousands of employees don’t use the software properly, creating loads of additional work, which costs time – and money. here we explain how to structure a professional powerpoint master, and what to look out for when using it. whereas the basic elements of a corporate design are created in the slide master, layouts show the places on the slide where text, charts or tables are to be inserted, with the help of placeholders. the slide master is shown at the top. these layouts should include all the standard slide types in the company. powerpoint masters and layouts are saved to a file with the extension .potx. the current version of the powerpoint template should be made available to all employees. when a new or changed corporate design is implemented, sooner or later your powerpoint master will have to be revised.

while branding agencies generally know a great deal about corporate design, they usually lack expertise in powerpoint. we create your powerpoint master, while implementing your design concept within powerpoint. they haven’t the time to learn detailed style guides and often find them difficult to implement. when creating a powerpoint master, find a workable compromise between adhering to the corporate design and its practical application. it makes sense to make the powerpoint master as user friendly as possible, and to provide key slides and ready-to-use elements (e.g. using powerpoint correctly makes producing your own presentations much easier. if you need help with creating a new powerpoint master, or want to check an existing master, just get in touch with us. we’re professionals and experts, both in design and technical know-how, and can advise you on how to get the most out of powerpoint to increase efficiency in your company. you’ll then gain access to all our insights.

use them to control the default themes, colors, fonts, text, and objects for slides throughout your course. a storyline 360 course can have as many slide masters as you want, and every course has at least one. thumbnail images of your slide masters appear in the left panel. the slide master thumbnail in the left panel is slightly larger than the thumbnails of its layouts below. each layout inherits all the properties of its parent slide master, but you can customize each layout to display content in a specific way. to delete a slide master and all its layouts, select the slide master in the left panel and press the delete key on your keyboard (or click delete on the ribbon).

if you only want to delete a layout (but not its parent slide master), select the layout in the left panel and press the delete key on your keyboard (or click delete on the ribbon). to rename a slide master or a layout, select it in the left panel, go to the slide master tab on the ribbon, and click rename. if a slide master isn’t currently being used by any slides in your course but you want to keep it for later use, you can preserve it. to design your slide masters and layouts, use the home, insert, transitions, and animations tabs on the ribbon as well as the following features found on the slide master tab. the themes drop-down lets you apply a consistent design to your slide masters and layouts. when the hide background graphics box is marked, objects on the current layout that have been inherited from its parent slide master will be hidden. any changes you made to existing slide masters and layouts will automatically be applied to slides in your course.

every slide master has a related slide layout called title slide layout, and each theme arranges the text and other object placeholders for that layout every slidemaster is a custom creation built to order! our in-house design team is committed to building the best slide possible for your application. slide master view is a special feature in powerpoint that allows you to quickly modify the slides and slide layouts in your presentation. from here, you can, powerpoint master slide edit, powerpoint master slide edit, slide layout in powerpoint, notes master in powerpoint, handout master in powerpoint.

in powerpoint, go to the “view” menu and select the “slide master” view. the slide master is shown at the top. underneath you’ll see the various layouts, for user guide: learn how to use slide masters in articulate storyline 360 to control default themes, colors, fonts, and content. slide masters are big the slide master (found in powerpoint under > view > slide master) is the basic framework and control center of any good presentation., .

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