Sample Log Template Download

Log template is a log sample that serves various purpose and objectives. Business and individuals often need to keep track of their thoughts, activities and progress for get organized. For example, reading log template can help you record what you have read and thoughts about your past readings. Food log template can help you keep track of your best diets and eating etc; Workout log template can help you know your progress in build up your body.



Log Template Download

Daily log template is a daily log sheet that records your daily activities or work, it acts as a daily journal. This is the word version template.


Daily Log Template Download



Call log template is a call log form that can record your phone calls or other important calls such as sales or work.


Call Log Template Download





Reading Log Template is a reading log form that can help students or readers to record their reading progress or reviews.


Reading Log Template Download


Log Template Design

During the process of customization, it is important to consider the log format, log objectives, log style and log layout.When developing your sample log template, you may take into account the log style, log format and log layout.

  • Log style: Log sample needs to consider the log style. There is no universal style that can be used to suit all needs. You may choose a log style based on your specific requirements and situation.
  • Log layout: Log template needs to consider the log layout. Log layout is the backbone of your log template, you need to include all key elements in your log.
  • Log format: Log form needs to have a basic introduction. Every log needs to have an overview of the log background, log purpose and objectives.

Types of Log Template

There are many types of log template for personal and business use, for example, Reading Log Template; Food log template;  Workout log template etc.

Reading log template is a reading log sample that shows the reading log format, reading log style and the key layout for reading log example.

Food log template is a food log sample that shows the food log format, food log style and food log layout in food log printable .

Workout log template is a workout log sample that shows the workout log format, workout log form, workout log layout in workout log example.