Reading log template

Reading log template is a log sample that shows the process and procedure for recording what you have read and your things about the story. A well drafted reading log sample can help both middle school and high school students to increase reading efficiency and effectiveness.

Reading Log Design

Reading log needs to have a summary of what your thoughts. During the process of creating your reading log form, you need to write down your thoughts. For example, after reading some chapters, does the book leave your with questions you would like give additional thinking? Does the book have relationship and impact on your current life? does the book remind you of an event (or events) that happened to someone you know?

Reading log needs to give description of main character and main plot. Characters are the focal points of reading, especially in the story and literature. When writing down your reading log, you may write about the main character. Which one in the book or reading is your favorite? Do you think that any of the characters represent real people?

Reading Log Template Layout

There is free log template you may download for reference, however, you may consider building your sample reading log template for future use based on your reading needs and requirements if you use Word or Excel. During the design process, it is important to consider the reading log form, reading log format and reading log layout in reading log printable.

The first key part in the reading log template is reading log overview. In the section, you need to give a brief introduction of the reading log, the reading log purpose and reading log objectives. For example, the Name:___; Reading Log Purpose:__; Reading Log Introduction:__.

The second key part in the reading log printable is the main part. In the section, you need to state the reading data and reading time, the book title and the category, the start page you read and the end page you read etc.

The last key part in the reading log example is the comments and summary. In the section, you need to give a reading log summary. For example, what is the main findings for today’s reading? your comments about the main character, ideas, plot and story? You may also give comments about your reading schedule and process etc.