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in the construction industry, a punch list refers to a list of repairs and incomplete work items remaining at the end of a project that must be finished before a contractor can receive payment. smartsheet enables you to track each project with its own dedicated project sheet and get a unified view across all projects in a dashboard. you can easily edit this template to include whatever punch list items are relevant for the project. if you need a form that you can quickly print and fill out by hand, this pdf template provides a basic list with room for brief information about each item. you can add descriptions for each item and specify the work that still needs to be completed in order to resolve an issue.

this commercial construction checklist is designed to work like a punch list, and provides sections for marking completion, costs, and contract issues. for a more in-depth description of what how to use a punch list in construction, and the benefits of including one in your next construction project, visit our article that details all there is to know about construction punch lists, including when to use them, how to use them, and a free template. in construction, “snagging” is a term used for identifying all the errors and omissions that you need to add to the snag list and correct. a digital punch list may be included as part of construction management software or used as a mobile app. from pre-construction to project closeout, keep all stakeholders in the loop with real-time collaboration and automated updates so you can make better, more informed decisions, all while landing your projects on time and within budget.

the final phases of a construction project is a very exciting time. if you’re a property owner or a gc, you can use this simple template to record which areas need attention and who needs to fix the issue. a microsoft word version can be downloaded from the google docs file. this template, available in google sheets or pdf, is highly customizable based on the project size and scope. a punch list on a commercial project requires a bit more detail to maintain accountability. the punch list stage is essential on a construction job. the final payment can represent a contractor’s entire profit margin, if not more.

the fewer hangs up while finishing this list of “snags,” the sooner everyone can make their money and move onto the next project. it’s important for subcontractors (and the general) to track the lien and notice deadlines in their project’s state. i did a construction project for a homeowner in pipestone mn. this job had a cost to the owner of approximately $14,000. anyway, the home and insurance is not in my name, it is only in my girlfriends. this post covers the certified payroll requirements for contractors working on federal construction projects. just about every construction contract will require that work be done in a “workmanlike manner.”

download free word, excel, and pdf punch list templates for contractors, homeowners, and project managers working on commercial and other download free punch list templates for residential or commercial construction projects, available in word, excel, and pdf formats. this punch list template provides a space to capture all the pertinent information related to the additional tasks that are not included in your work orders. it, punch list checklist, punch list checklist.

our free construction punch list template makes it easy to document and track outstanding issues that stand between you and project closeout. a construction punch list (also known as a snag list outside of the u.s.) is a checklist of all the tasks to complete on a project. the goal of a building punch list is a document that you prepare during key milestones or near the end of your construction project. it usually contains a, .

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