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it also takes some of the guess work out of how to design powerpoint slides. this refers to the arrangement of elements in a way that it implies importance. it’s one of the corner stones of how to make a good powerpoint design. one of the most effective presentation design tricks to apply is that less is more, in most cases. it can really improve the design of your powerpoint presentation. of course, typography is a way to customize a design and make presentations much more unique. if you dig further into the ppt download, there are some simple minimal slides and a darker set to work with as well. a simple trick to improve the design of your presentation is to use high-quality stock photography. what’s excellent is that a lot of powerpoint themes you can buy include an icon kit. when thinking on how to design a ppt slide, you might consider animations. we’ll dive into how you can apply all the lessons above while working on a powerpoint presentation design: before you start working on the design of your ppt slides, think about your content. remember, this is a big part of how to make a good powerpoint presentation design.

let’s get started: the first step in the process is to find the slides you want to use to customize the template. when done right, it can pique the interest of your audience so it’s a good idea to make sure it captures their attention. in the example below, i’ve used a text-based slide with a simple title and a plain bulleted list. the brusher template is a trendy powerpoint template. this template is a perfect choice if you want to quickly design a powerpoint presentation. consider how to design a powerpoint presentation from this perspective. one of the elements they all have in common is this bright, yellow color. there’s a lot of potential for high energy and high contrast in an aesthetic like this one too. envato elements is a great choice if you’re looking for a lot of content. an effective powerpoint design has a look that relates to the topic. think of it like a cheat sheet that you can rely on: we covered some great tips and tricks on layout design in this article. learn how to write your presentation, design it like a pro, and prepare it to present powerfully. instead of trying to design everything, keep it simple and focus on a process that works for you.

people forget how useful powerpoint can be for graphic design – limiting the program’s use to presentation design only. if you’re doing graphic design in powerpoint without a template, then you’ll first need to set up your page, converting pixels into centimetres. open a new presentation, click the design tab, then slide size. if you select custom slide size, it will open a slide size window with a drop-down menu for various slide sizes that work for print design, such as a3 and a4. once you enter your dimensions, you may get a warning that your size isn’t supported by your printer. since your design is from digital, this shouldn’t matter – simply click ok. now that your slides are the right size, you may want to save the blank slides as a template for future designs. adjust the photo to fill your slide using the corner handles. adjusting the image’s transparency can also help give images more of a background look.

however, since powerpoint’s imagery and patterns can look pretty generic, we’d recommend sourcing images from stock-image sites or other online resources to make your graphic design seem more unique. particularly darkening, blurring, or overlaying images to ensure white text clearly shows up on it. however, powerpoint does make it incredibly easy to integrate typography into your designs. when trying graphic design in powerpoint, it’s important to remember some basic principles of good graphic design, which can help you (more than powerpoint) achieve what you set out to do. you can save your powerpoint as a pptx to come back to your graphic design later, but you can also save a slide as an image, or a whole bunch of slides as separate images. the important trick to know is how to save your graphic. in the pop-up, choose to save as jpg or png. be sure the pixel size is set to the size you got from the social media cheat sheet. if you save your file as a ppt or pptx, you’ll have editable template to make variations on your graphic or continue designing.

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