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how early you get started with your party planning can vary widely depending on the scale and formality of the event, whether you’re inviting guests from out of town, and potential date conflicts. all you need is a google account to make a copy of your own party planning google sheet to customize for your event. research and hire an event planner/designerit may make sense to hire a pro to help things go smoothly and make your party unique. choose a party theme and color schemedetermine how formal/casual you want the event to be. hire a caterer (if required)determine if you want to have the event catered.

research party rentalsdepending on your party occasion and venue, you should decide if you will need any large party rentals such as a tent or party limo. start pinning and brainstorm with an event designer if you have the budget! book a bartending or alcohol service if you choose to serve alcohol,  now is the time to hire a bartender and decide on the drink menu. notify all your vendors of the guest count and prepare place cards (if required). finish cleaning and cooking (if required)if you are preparing the food, have most of this done the day before.

it is very important to take note of all the items that are needed for the party so that you can assure that everything is set and that there will be no interruptions with regard to the program of the party. a party checklist is a very helpful tool which can provide assistance in terms of assuring that all the things that you need and the details that are being required for the party implementation is already on hand. party planning allows all the person involved in organizing a party to be at the same page in terms of all the details of the party.

a party planning checklist will help in assuring that all the important items needed in a party have been done and listed properly. it sets the mood of the party, and it also allows the people who attend the party to feel the theme that a specific party wants to have. it is very important to assure that all the food items are already prepared and is ready to be served during a party. a party food and serving supplies checklist include the following details: there are many parties that need a checklist especially those whose preparations can take more than a month.

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