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use a pitch deck template to build a persuasive, engaging presentation that hits all the key elements of your business in a short time. you also need to tell a compelling story about your company. in sum, a pitch deck needs to be just engaging enough for an investor to take the next step: due diligence, meaning reviewing factors such as your business model and management team. your pitch deck isn’t the place to go into the nitty-gritty of your business. take a look at the second and third slide in the business pitch deck template below.

a complex chart will be hard for your audience to read and understand while you’re presenting. take a look at the icons in this business pitch deck example. your business pitch deck should look polished and professional. now you have the tools to create a business pitch deck that will make an impression on investors. a business pitch deck is a presentation that provides an overview of your business plan to your audience. having a limited amount of slides will force you to condense your information and concentrate on what is most important in your business pitch deck.

as a growing business, how compelling and intriguing yours is can be the difference between getting the capital you need to get off the ground and getting buried before you have the chance to make something of your company. you need to communicate some degree of urgency with your pitch deck. investors need to have a picture of how you plan on acquiring customers and making money — that’s kind of the whole point of investing in a startup. give your potential investors a picture of what you’re up against. at the end of the day, investors are looking at your pitch deck for a reason, and that’s to gauge the potential return you can offer.

this font is big and bold enough to be seen from the back of the room, and it contrasts well with the background. in other words, bullet points don’t usually produce a very exciting reaction in our brains, leaving the rest of our minds to wander. even when it makes sense to use a pitch deck, you don’t need to spend the whole presentation talking at your audience. now that you have a picture of what your pitch deck needs to contain and how it can best be conveyed, let’s take a look at some of the pitch deck-creation resources you have at your disposal. so, given how fundamentally ingrained in startup culture they’ve become, it’s in your best interest to have a grasp on the nature of pitch decks and a picture of how to do them right.

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