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you’re on your way to creating the best pitch decks. if you don’t know where to start, we’ll teach you how to create a pitch deck, share the essential elements, and give you investor deck examples of the most successful startup decks. the airbnb pitch deck is also one of the most searched for. presenting the problem and solution as succinctly as possible in your pitch deck is vital if you want to catch your potential investors’ eyes. showing the growth and metrics of your company is something to be proud of. even the color and pattern all add to the cohesiveness of their theme resulting in a killer pitch deck you can’t easily ignore. foursquare was one of the first businesses to use gamification and it shines in their pitch deck.

take a look at some of the best pitch deck powerpoint templates available on envato elements:  the first template on our list has a simple and minimal design. an effective pitch deck starts with your company’s vision and the value you can add to your prospective customers. if you pinpoint the problem but can’t present a viable solution, your pitch deck is nothing. and you’ve seen pitch deck examples from envato elements that you can use to build your own startup pitch deck. a timeline is a visual way to show the passage of time. you know now that a template is the best way to create a startup presentation. from there, you can click share and send a link to people all over the world. there are a lot of other elements you can add to make your pitch deck engaging and interesting.

to show you the imperative of having not having a bad investor pitch deck, here is a quick look at what you are facing as an entrepreneur. nobody cares about the “before.” all of that doesn’t matter and is just distracting to the truly important information. you don’t need the rest of the deck to understand this slide – start with key numbers that are compelling enough for investors. reduce words to short bullets to give interesting details on why you need the money while explaining why this is relevant to you as an investor. when you email this vc pitch deck design out, and you always will, investors will see this and not understand your competitive landscape and think that you have no understanding of who you are actually competing against. this compelling 5-second investor pitch makes me want to read the whole deck and is part of the super exciting power that fewer words provide.

they want to know about your experience, plan and why you are a good fit for the job, not how you are a gangster-thief-mobster wannabe. however interesting it is to know how many people are interested in the cheese map of belgium, this slide is impossible to quantify. this slide tells us nothing about the qualifications of the team, all we know is that you have a nice smile. this investor deck example design is simple and to the point. so this is a great slide and example pitch deck design. so finally we’ve walked through all the tenets of what makes a shitty investor pitch and walked through specific pitch deck examples.

30 legendary examples of startup pitch decks 1. facebook 2. airbnb 3. buffer 4. square 5. linkedin 6. mint in this post, we’ll look at the best pitch deck examples from heavy-hitters such as guy kawasaki, airbnb, uber, facebook and more. 20 pitch deck examples from successful companies around the world ; sequoia capital $35 billion (march 2019) airbnb pitch deck from 2008 ; dharmesh shah (, pitch deck examples pdf, pitch deck examples pdf, business pitch presentation example, seed funding pitch deck examples, best pitch deck.

discover the best pitch deck examples from successful startups around the world, including airbnb, dropbox, uber, tinder, buffer, concord business plans specializes in designing business plans and pitch decks that have raised more than $2.5 billion for their clients. each slide features a being deliberate about what to include. generally, this is an example of a pitch deck with an idea that is good and straightforward enough that, pitch deck presentation, pitch deck format.

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