Get organized for School

Whether it is the young mind of a kindergartener or the developed and open one of the college student, getting ready and organized for school is one of the most important parts of the day. If you or your young student are like myself, the trouble comes from a lack of preparation and organization and maybe a bit too much love for sleeping in. In this article, I’ll provide you with the wisdom I have gained from years of school experience.


Be organized before the school

This cannot be emphasized enough. Being prepared for the school day the night before is one of the most beneficial ways to start your day off right.
Some ways to be prepared:

  • Set clothes out the night before: Don’t spend your valuable morning debating what outfit to wear. Pick it out the night before so, come morning,can do that much less thinking.
  • Pack your school bags before bed: This allows you to be able to grab your bag and run if something comes up, such as sleeping in due to a missed alarm.
  • Make sure to complete and pack assignments before bed: This was one of my personal downfalls. Never save an assignment to do in the morning before school. This leads to rushing and poor quality. Also, packing your assignments the night before allows you the security of being able to grab your bag and run if you sleep in!
  • Locate all morning essentials: This prevents any havoc erupting in the morning. Items such as keys, footwear, jackets, and etc. should all be located before the morning to prevent a search!

Take notes during the school

Though there has been many a time where I thought my mind was a steel trap capable of remembering what needed to be done upon exiting school, it often proved not to be the case. To be prepared for school, you need to remember what to prepare for!

  • Keep an agenda with assignments and due dates. This is one of the best decisions that can be made in you or your students academic career, and even life.
  • Stay organized and punctual. Utilize your agenda or planner to the utmost of your ability.
  • Plan for School events ahead of time by noting their dates in advance. Large events that require much effort and time can be stressful. School dances, sports games, play practices; all of the stress caused by these can be avoided by making time for them before hand.

Organized things after school

Upon returning home from school, many mistakes can be made that are detrimental to your preparedness. This list will include some major “no nos” of your return.

  • Do not just throw your bags and papers anywhere. This leads to lost items easier than you think.
  • Do not procrastinate assignments. Do them while they are fresh on your mind.
  • Do not change into pajamas or lounge clothing! This one is important. It deters your mind from work/school mode.

Following these simple tips, anyone can be a top student!