How To Get Organized At Home

In most homes there exists a drawer, cabinet or other storage area designated as the “junk” space. Typically, it is found in the kitchen next to the silverware drawer. Beginning as a novel idea, the “junk drawer” becomes an eye-sore rather quickly. Odds and ends comprise its contents, pieces of this-and-that with no real purpose for any of it, somehow the spare parts of everything wind up there. The frustrating aspect is when you know you put the scotch tape there, and then when needed, you cannot find it. There is hope, use these examples to organize your living space.

Kitchen and Bathroom

Those plastic bags that have accumulated under the sink can be stored neatly in an empty tissue box. Each visit to the store provides another addition to your collection. Afterwards, use those empty grocery bags to line the small waste baskets in your home, saving money on those expensive name brands.

Limited counter space in your bathroom? Utilize the not-so-frequently used plunger as a caddy for rolls of toilet paper; it makes for a quick dispenser when time is of the essence. Instead of cluttering the drawers with electronic gadgets, use inexpensive hooks arranged in a stylish manner to hang blow-dryers, curling irons, and the like.


If you do not have children, please wait for the next item. Boys and toys or girls with curls are a continuous source of ground clutter. In case you have forgotten, a small toy car can make for a nasty fall. Try arranging them in shoe boxes that can store nicely in the closet. Stuffed animals make an attractive wall mounting, especially those who have been out-grown.


Every weekend it seems, is the time to straighten the garage. Tools, garden equipment and an assortment of all-things male have piled up. Using peg-board arranges tools by size and weight and distributes them accordingly. A sturdy trashcan makes a handy storage compartment for almost anything, be sure to label them to find items easily.

Those are just a few suggestions for getting things in order around the house. Use your imagination to create your own space-saving ideas.