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i’ve got two printable invitations for you to choose from so pick your favorite and start customizing! when we were planning my daughter’s harry potter birthday party, it was a no-brainer that i’d make my own harry potter party invitations. that would give me more to put towards harry potter gifts instead. i also used it for these harry potter thank you cards. to make my harry potter invitation template, i used a free font from dafont.com. i love picmonkey becasue they make it so easy to customize everything. just print the invitations from this template and fill in the party information by hand with a permanent marker. just add the party information using your new harry potter font (or any other font you like). here’s an example… picmonkey makes it really easy to customize your harry potter birthday invitation. you just have to add the details.

i’ve included the jpg version, which you’ll need for picmonkey as well as a pdf version. now you have even more harry potter invitations to choose from. these come straight from the hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry! i’ve got the standard 5×7 that you can use with the invitation kit or you can print two invitations side by side on 8.5×11 cardstock and just cut them apart. you can print one of these versions and just fill in the blanks: after i saw this owl image on etsy, i went ahead and made envelopes too. to print the envelopes, choose the c7 as your paper size if it’s an option. my printer doesn’t have that option so i had to use c6 instead. you may want to try printing a test envelope first, to be sure you’ve got the settings just how you want them. that way you can make adjustments if needed. you can find these hogwart’s express train ticket invitations on etsy or get high tech with your own version of this video invitation. i hope you’ve enjoyed it and will come back to visit again!

if you buy something through any of our affiliate links on this page, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. learn how to make harry potter party invitations with instructional tutorials, free harry potter printables, and editable templates to kick things off for your enchanting celebration. find our full harry potter party supplies list on amazon*, or check out these ready-made invitations, envelopes, and more to set the scene of your harry potter party! feel free to scroll further down for other ideas that will still fit the harry potter theme. if you want to create an invitation fashioned after the hogwarts acceptance letter that harry receives in the book, follow these steps. feel free to change text as you wish. of wizards) we are pleased to inform you that you have been invited to a birthday celebration at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry in honor of head girl (or boy) [birthday child’s name here].

you may wear your wizard robes or dress in muggle attire. you may also reply by muggle email to [email address] or phone to [phone number] if you prefer. include this free hogwarts express train ticket printable for extra harry potter party decoration detail. (via paper trail design) put the invitation in a parchment-looking envelope to send by owl post. (via pin image) here’s a detailed post that shows it all coming together from the invitation to the envelope and seal for a pretty authentic look. they include a free editable invitation template as well as cutting file for the envelope if you want one that has fancier edges. hi, i’m sylvia, an event organizer by day and all the party ideas creator by night offering practical party planning tips to celebrate holidays, birthdays and other special occasions. find easy, creative party ideas for birthdays, baby showers, weddings, holidays and more that will fit any budget!

harry potter invitations are a must have for any harry potter party! choose from two free printables to customize for your own celebration! here are some easy and creative harry potter party invitation ideas. free invitation template and printables included! let’s be friends! follow us:. that’s why today we designed free printable harry potter invitation templates where you can download it for free! celebrate your harry potter birthday party, .

– this free harry potter invitation is completely editable – you can download it as a powerpoint slide and change it to your heart’s content. editable wizard birthday invitation template, printable magical birthday party invitations, witch digital kids party invite, boys & girls. harry×; potter×; wizard; gender neutral; magical; baby shower; hedwig; vintage; kids birthday; hogwarts crest; gryffindor; hufflepuff; ravenclaw; slytherin, .

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