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of course, we meant that the backgrounds of the slides are green, the color attributed to natural sciences. yeah, having financial stability and your basic needs met is a vital factor on the happiness and mental stability of people, but that doesn’t mean that people who have resources can’t have mental problems. now that the time has come to defend it, we want to help you with this doodle style template with which you will successfully pass this requirement of your academic… why are cities built the way they are? if you agree with us, download this template and prepare future students for what’s to come! what will they… we know that taking care of the environment is of a paramount importance, and it is the perfect time of the year to encourage awareness and action for the protection of nature. it has a guide index to help you focus your presentation. show your csr in this editable template that has wavy shapes and soft pastel tones of white, green and brownish (these two are closely tied to nature!).

the color palette and the use of photos can help you present data with a nice result. do you have more… when it comes to the environment and our planet, taking care of both should be at the top of our list of priorities. then join us in paper bag day and use… provide some information about ecology, data on pollution or ways to help the environment making use of this creative template. after studying so hard and working on a dissertation, now it’s time to defend it! the topic of this new editable template is environmental engineering, a discipline that aims to improve the quality of the environment, so its color palette revolves around green and yellow. to talk about this medical issue and how it affects our health, today we bring you this… are you a company interested in protecting the environment? go green and fight pollution in your next meeting with our eco presentation template available for google slides and powerpoint! for example, you can start a workshop on reusing plastic bottles so that, instead of throwing them away, people can give them…

all the themes are 100% editable and easy to modify, with customizable icons and lots of layouts. leave an impression on your audience with this original presentation template. the theme is designed with a green color palette that resembles nature, so use it to give a presentation about wild flora, gardening, botanics or organic cosmetics. this template combines a style that is both modern and stylish. the result is perfect for a presentation where you want to convey luxury and attention to detail. this design it’s a good choice for you to get your ideas across to your audience with a perfect combination of photos, colors and typography.

add some magic to your presentations with this beautifully illustrated template. this free template has an elegant design that follows the latest trends, with hand drawn flowers, golden details and watercolor textures. enjoy this template, with a focus on ecology and green city concepts, for your presentations. create your next presentation about nature with this environmental-themed free template for powerpoint and google slides. this template has a nature-inspired design with leaves and a green color palette. make a modern and pleasing to the eye presentation with this fresh template. download your presentation as a powerpoint template or use it online as a google slides theme.

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