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most of them agree on the following investor deck outline: if you made it here, you are probably looking for inspiration to create a pitch deck for your own startup. the airbnb pitch deck is one of the most searched references on the internet, probably because it’s a company so familiar to us all. the biggest difference you’ll find from this presentation to an investor deck used today is that there’s no problem slide. remember this is a demo day deck, so it is expected that somebody will be standing in front of the presentation. this is the presentation deck buffer used to raise $500,000 for their startup, as redesigned by slidebean.

founders see themselves often  checking that a tool is indeed being used by all the seats they are paying for. still, the company was able to raise $3.5 m in that series a round november of that year. the business plan is a formal, written statement of the goals that your new venture plans to achieve. if you want to start a new project, you can do it here: slidebean presentation design service besides the pitch deck examples we shared here, we have created, curated and redesigned several investor deck and set them as templates on our platform. all you really need is a central platform to track all your activities.

add a pop of color to your version of the sequoia pitch deck template with this pink and blue slide deck. click any of the text to add your own numbers and words. in this version of the uber pitch deck template, we’ve added bright colors and creative layouts. you can easily swap out the icons in our online editor. sometimes you’re going to give your pitch to a small room of investors. you want to not only sell the audience on your product but also how you built that product from the ground up. the full slide deck is available to digiday subscribers, though you can view some of the key slides in this medium post. according to y combinator, use the problem slide to show the problem your business solves and how this problem is currently affecting businesses and/or people. as you can see, all they needed was a single visual to explain the core problems that they identified.

a simple way to do this is by adding a powerful statement or famous quote at the beginning of your slides. in the slide above, they make a very simple statement that puts the rest of the presentation in the right context. most of the time your pitch deck background images are supposed to be used in a supporting role. this rule will help you keep your team from overwhelming the audience with a flood of stats or figures. just be sure to talk about your company founding in the first few slides of your pitch. each icon that they used perfectly illustrates the point they are making on each slide and gives you a ton of instant context. i’m guessing your pitch deck is already going to touch on how you stand out from the competition. so you never want to make the audience or investors try to do quick math on any of your graphs or charts. but i think we covered a ton of great tips that can help you create the best pitch decks for your company.

in this post, we’ll look at the best pitch deck examples from heavy-hitters such as guy kawasaki, airbnb, uber, facebook and more. here is the list of 30 of the best startup pitch deck examples that we will go through: facebook; airbnb; buffer; square; linkedin; mint; mapme 20 pitch deck examples from successful companies around the world ; sequoia capital $35 billion (march 2019) airbnb pitch deck from 2008 ; dharmesh shah (, .

discover the best pitch deck examples from successful startups around the world, including airbnb, dropbox, uber, tinder, buffer, we analyze startup pitch deck examples from companies like airbnb, facebook, and uber, then break down how they would fare in today’s pitch deck hunt is a curation of the best startup pitch decks. discover the best pitch deck examples from unicorns to new startups!, .

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