christmas card templates for photographers

designed for photographers, graphic designers and anyone who wants to create christmas cards this holiday season. these 16 5×7 templates are high resolution psd templates designed in photoshop and for use in photoshop. or export these as low resolution jpegs for use on the web including on social media sites like facebook, instagram and more! besides being designed for anyone who wants to create christmas cards for themselves, these templates were designed with photographers and graphic designers in mind… to be able to create christmas card graphics fast. if you’re a photographer you can use these templates to upsell your photography clients. or you could market these templates as new products, ie. replace all the photos in these templates with your own and now you have a full portfolio of card designs to show your prospects! even though these templates are high resolution, you can export them as low resolution images perfect for the web. add your logo to each template graphic for free marketing!

you can use these templates as is without any redesign or use them as a starting point to create new designs. save loads of time using these templates as a starting point or as a quick way to put up designs in your ecommerce store or portfolio. these photoshop templates are super easy to use. you should be able to edit and export any template within just a minute or two. the template is now updated with your photo! all fonts used are included in a text file showing where you can download them. they are to be sent to printers like shutteryfly where you or your client can upload their own designs. you can download all of these templates via that link. they are distributed via the amazon cloud and should download fast depending on your download speed.

it is the time when you need a perfect photo for a perfect season. as a photographer, there is no better way to bring the christmas cheer than a perfect christmas card. you need to be creative all year long but at this point; you need to wrap it up with some bit of magic. in a bid to find the ideal shot, you might look everywhere for the perfect tree, the perfect bells, and the perfectly laid out lights. what is even more depressing is that, after all this effort, time and money invested, you may still fail to find the christmas cheer in your photos. however, your budget is overstretched, and you haven’t done your christmas shopping. but don’t worry to save your time and all the hassle we got you our free christmas card templates.

however, this should not be a cause for worry; these templates got you covered. all you have to do is fill up the rest, and you are good to go. these card templates are the best you can get anywhere, and your budget will never be an issue. however, that is a non-issue with these templates. and what is more, your photos fit right into the design such that it looks as original as it can get, just with a lot more flair added. if yes, the printing is also as easy as pie. however, if that is a constraint (which should not be), a cardstock can come to the rescue. if the budget is not too tight, get to a printing store and print it out there for an upgraded touch and more flair.

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holiday greeting photo cards pre-designed and ready for your clients’ images. use designs for cards, framed art, canvases, marketing materials, download 16 free christmas card templates that are easily editable in photoshop today! located in the freebies for photographers section. create your own personalized greeting cards with 15 free christmas card as a photographer, there is no better way to bring the christmas cheer than a, .

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